Smart Toddler Toys

After learning about general tips for choosing smart toys for your kids, we focus on toys for your toddler.

Your toddler plays not only to have fun, but to learn and perfect fine motor skills like controlling his hands and rotating his wrists.  Good toys to give your kid at this stage are as follows:

  toys that unscrew

  toys with interlocking pieces that can be put together and apart


  construction games

  puzzle pieces that he has to manipulate to fit into shapes (pegboards)

  soft balls

  play dough

  hammering benches

  sand box where he plays with sand using plastic shapes, shovels, scoops, jars,  and others

  arts and crafts supplies

Your toddler also loves moving games so he can perfect walking, balancing, and other gross motor skills.  Take him to a playground and let him play with a small slide or a toddler gym.  These develop his muscle and agility.  Indoor toys that also develop your child’s strength and coordination include:

  cars or wagons that he can push

  low rocking horses

  riding toys

  safety trikes and wagons

Simple musical instruments are also excellent toys as this will introduce your child to the world of music making and playing an instrument.  Playing a musical instrument is shown to have beneficial effect on children’s intelligence.  Musical instruments include:




  musical hammers

  his voice (singing)

Toys that stimulate your child’s imagination are some of the most enjoyable, and they develop his creativity.  They also helps him identify with adults as he imitates his father fixing the car or her mother cooking, for example.  Any object can be a creative toy.  The following are examples:

  towel that becomes a super cape and transforms him into a super hero

  old clothes and costumes

  cardboard boxes

  toy trucks, trains and cars

  stuffed animals, character toys and dolls


  toy tools, doctor's instruments, cooking utensils

  paper, pencil, crayons, arts and crafts supplies


Many educational toys are also beneficial to your toddlers, including those that familiarize him with letters, numbers, and names of objects.




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