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Sensory Toys

bear+duck+&+dog+lacing_resize Average customer rating:

Bear, Duck & Dog Lacing (Toys)

Ages 2+ Hand motor skill,hand,eyes and...

Sales price: Rp 130.000,00

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parrot,duck lacing Average customer rating:

Parrot Lacing (Toys)

Ages 2+ Hand-eyes coordination skill,...

Sales price: Rp 65.000,00

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smush-pull-the-string Average customer rating:

Pull The String (Toys)

Ages 4-8 Enhance EQ, Creativity and...

Sales price: Rp 165.000,00

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tap+tap+hammer_resize Average customer rating:

Tap Tap Hammer & Nail Set (Toys)

Ages 3+ Hand-eyes sensory skill,teach...

Sales price: Rp 385.000,00

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