Pentago (Toys)

Ages 8+ to 99
Challenging mind games
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Pentago is a multi award winning education toy that develops visual spatial reasoning and strategy talents.

Pentago has simple rules that take a minute to learn and understand :

  • Place a glass marble in one of the nine spaces, on one of the four blocks. You have 18 to place. Now rotate any one of the playing blocks 90° in either direction.
  • The winner is the first player to get five of their colour in a row. The game has a very satisfying strategic element. Turning the blocks constantly changes the game board, your tactics and your opponents tactics.

 Numerous awards. Winner of :

  • Good Toy Award in the UK, 2007
  • Game Of The Year in Sweden, 2005
  • Game Of The Year in France, 2006
  • Mensa Award for Excellence, USA 2006

 Age 8+, 2 players and average game time is 10-15 mins.


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