Cuisenaire Rods (Toys)

Ages 4+
Mathematical Manipulative Used, Language Learning material.
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Cuisenaire Rods are a versatile mathematical manipulative used for elementary school mathematical training as well as at other levels of learning and even with adults. They are used to teach a wide variety of mathematical topics such as the four basic arithmetic operations, working with fractions, areas and volumes of figures, square roots, solving simple linear and quadratic equations, and systems of equations.

Invented by Georges Cuisenaire (1891-1976), a Belgian primary school teacher, the rods was developed and popularised by Caleb Gattegno for both mathematics and language teaching in many countries around the world.

Our 1-10 Rods are orange, blue, brown, black, dark green, yellow, purple, light green, red and white, made from solid plastic, in a small plastic bag. Spares available (1 cm per spare). You get 5 plastic bags consisting a total of 50 rods.


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